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Welcome to the number 1 lawn service Lafayette La team!

Lawn care is often done by specialists to ensure that the process is safe, cost-effective, and easy. Our company understands that most clients are busy with their personal or business concerns. Some are still doubtful of their abilities in lawn maintenance. This is the reason why we have formed a professional team of experts who can perform any type of lawn care services for you.

We are a dedicated business that assures each client of getting the best lawn mowing in Lafayette La. We have been in this industry for many years.

Aside from typical grass cutting service, we are also known for other lawn care services Lafayette La such as lawn dethatching, lawn weed control and lawn aeration service.

About Lawn Care Lafayette La

From the time that Lawn Care Lafayette La has been recognized in this field, we have been giving inspirations to homeowners and business owners to pay attention to their landscapes. When we work, we are focused and we practice honesty.

Our clients love our services because of our affordable rates. Thanks to our dedicated local partners, we are able to provide quick and cost-effective solutions for each Lafayette lawn care need.

It is our mission to deliver exceptional quality and meet even the highest standards of our clients for their projects. We serve both residential and commercial properties. What’s more, we have established long-term partnerships with local companies to serve you better.

Our lawn pros will help you create a masterpiece out of your creative imagination or long-time dream. All you need to do is to give us a call and our experts will come for on-site inspection and explain further details.

We serve not only this city, but also other nearby areas. With our long experience in this industry, we know how to deal with simple to complex lawn care Lafayette. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction for your lawn service Lafayette La. We are committed to providing impressive client care consistently.

Why Choose Us?

Let us share with you some of our strengths why we continue to survive the tough competition in lawn mowing in Lafayette La. The following list below is the best traits that no other lawn companies can offer:

Application of the Best Equipment and Tools

We proudly introduce to you our world-class sets of equipment and tools we use for different Lafayette lawn care services. So, we do not regret accepting even the most complicated lawn service. You may ask ‘is there a lawn care near me that uses quality tools?’ or ‘do you have the best lawn mowing service near me?’ Yes. We are the team you have been looking for.

Professional and Well-trained Staff

A big part of the success story of our company is our talented staff members. From customer care support to lawn pros, you can count on them. They know their jobs very well. We have the smartest teams with members who are indeed respectful and reliable.

Years of Experience

We have been serving our clients for many years. During these past years, we are the leading lawn mowing Lafayette. Each of the staff members work hard to give the same reasonable price and high-quality services consistently.

What To Expect

As part of our Lafayette lawn service, we aim to deliver weekly lawn treatment service as you wish. We do this to prevent overgrowing of lawns and check if there are potential dangers to their overall health.

Our experts follow some steps and observe safety standards to ensure there will be great cut all the time. Here are some of the preparations we do:

  • Making necessary changes on the cut directions
  • Ensuring that our mower blades are well-shaped
  • Utilizing premium quality equipment
spokane lawn care services

Our weed control Lafayette La team has also a slightly different preparation to make. In the end, we still give happiness to homeowners and company owners after a day of job well done.

We keep our promises. We value your time. We will never leave your premises unless they are clean and clear. Most importantly, our team works quietly but we communicate well with our clients.

How do I get in touch with a yard service near me? Where can I find the best lawn care services near me? Look no further. We are the answer to your questions. This time, you just have to note down our telephone numbers or simply go to our online form and fill it out with the right information.

Our Services

As our company ages, we get to learn more techniques on proper lawn maintenance Lafayette La. Here is the list of the most common yard maintenance Lafayette La services we offer:

lafayette lawn mowing

Lawn Mowing

Our lawn mowing service Lafayette La has shown how it improved the value of lives of many public and private properties in the city. Our specialists will perform preliminary analysis to determine the condition of the lawn. Then, we will let you know everything about the diagnosis. Call us today to get started.

lafayette lawn edging


We had some customers who have asked ‘do you offer edging as part of your lawn service near me?’ If you are working with our team, there is nothing to worry about edging. Our pros have their strategies to give a perfect look to your lawn. We will never let you down.

lafayette law aerating


Count on our lawn aeration service. We also provide annual aeration care without upfront questions and we guarantee no-obligation policy. Our 100% guarantee satisfaction is one of the proofs that we are dedicated to giving utmost customer care. We check factors like lawn condition, outdoor space, and expected duration of work.

lafayette lawn thatching


Thatching and dethatching are both essential to the nutritious growth of grass. Are there other lawn care dethatching companies near me that know a lot about thatching or dethatching? This is the usual question of first timers in getting dethatching and thatching services. We can tell everything you want to know about it. Call us today!

lafayette lawn fertilizing


We perform lawn weed control in a safe way. We do not just provide lawn cutting service. As what we always say, we fulfil our promises. We make sure that our yard fertilizer is pet-friendly and human-friendly. We are not like other lawn fertilizer companies that use chemical fertilizers. We go for organic ones since they are also environmentally-friendly.

lafayette lawn weeding and weed control

Weeding and Weed Control

Does all lawn care companies near me offer weed control as well? If this is what you want to know, contact us on our mobile phone numbers. Another option is to fill out the online form and ask further about weeding and weed control in Lafayette and other surrounding cities.

lafayette yard cleanup

Yard Cleanup

Yard clean up after hurricane or windy days can be so exhausting. If you do not have time or energy to do this daunting task, let us help you. We work efficiently and quickly. ‘Are you one of the best lawn care companies near me?’ Yes, we are. We take good care of our reputation in the Lafayette lawn mowing industry.

lafayette lawn restoration

Lawn Restoration

Many people need lawn restoration in Lafayette La due to some reasons. One common reason is that they want to improve the aesthetic value of their properties especially if they are planning to sell them. Some simply want to bring back the vibrant look of their yard since it has been destroyed by some elements outside. Whatever the reason is, we are always willing to help you. Just give us a call and feel free to ask questions.

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About Lafayette La

A city situated in Louisiana, Lafayette is its fourth largest city which comes after New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Shreveport. It has a population of 124, 561 as recorded in 2020.

It is also called the Hub City because it is situated in the intersection of Interstate 49 and Interstate 10. For travellers who are going to east, west, north or south have to pass through this city.

Lafayette is ranked third as the best cities to live in Louisiana because of its impressive median income and education rates. Some of the neighbouring cities of Lafayette are the following:

  • Baton Rouge La
  • New Iberia La
  • Baker La
  • Crowley La
  • Abbeville La
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

How Short Should I Mow the Lawn?

We usually cut 3 ¼ inches of blade length every time we mow the lawn. This is the standard length during spring or fall seasons. In the summer, we should have 4 inches to assure optimal lawn growth.

If you mow shorter than the standard blade length, it can cause damage to the grassroots.

How Long Should I Wait Before I See Results from Your Lawn Treatment?

The average waiting period is fourteen days before you see results from our yard maintenance service. However, it varies on some factors such as the atmospheric conditions. Call our team if you need help for a lawn fertilizer service.

What Comes Next After the Lawn Treatment?

We recommend mowing the lawn 24 hours after the lawn gets treatment. Contact us for further details about our lawn mowing service and yard maintenance.

What Are the Payment Methods Do You Use?

After a successful project, you can send payments using your credit card or in cash. We will leave or send an invoice to you and you can choose the payment method that is more convenient for you.

Customer Testimonials

I asked this cheap lawn service near me for lawn fertilization. I have a lot of questions but the agent knows how about her job well. It became a smooth and simple inquiry and now I ordered a long-term project with them.

Manny C.

I have seen how some lawn companies near me work on a certain yard maintenance task. Then, I came across your page and I am so happy that you provide cheap lawn mowing. Very affordable rates!

Blaire L

There is no other lawn maintenance near me that can give the same benefits to my lawn. I love how you performed your Lafayette lawn mowing. You are the best of all lawn care companies I have contacted ever since.

Tim B

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Our team is looking forward to giving you satisfactory industrial or residential lawn are service Lafayette La. Our company’s track record is strengthened by our dear clients after each successful lawn treatment Lafayette La.

We want you to know that Lawn Care Lafayette are continuously learning and researching the latest trends in today’s lawn care. We encourage you to contact us on our customer care hotline if you have some questions about Lafayette lawn mowing or other similar concerns.

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